Getting Started with Divorce and Your Finances

Before, during, and after a divorce it is important to be (or become)  informed about your finances.

At some point in your divorce process you will be assembling a list of all your assets and debts to work on a plan for how they will be divided going forward.  The ability to put aside some of the emotion to do this with thought and intention is key in terms of getting an outcome that will set you on a path for your future.  To do this, you will need  the financial records of your marriage. This means all the assets and all the liabilities regardless of whose name is on them.
Items for consideration to include are:
                • income tax returns
                  • proof of both spouses income
                  • statements of any financial accounts, including checking and savings accounts etc.
                  • all real estate records
                  • personal property
                  • investment accounts
                  • life insurance policies
                  • credit cards
                  • mortgages and home equity loans
                  • vehicle and other outstanding loans

As a divorce financial planner I can help you navigate your way through this thoughtfully, and help you set yourself up for the next chapter of your life.